Thursday, May 17, 2012

Presenting, Your Hippie Highness

I had a haircut yeah yeah yeah

My legs go on forever woes


And the Easter Bunny passed his job to me

Stars are wearable

"Sometimes bad things happen."- House- Apparently, the dslr thinks my tan is not enough. "The darker the chocolate, the better the taste." my camera believes.

Honestly I really wanted to wear denim shirt as a shirt then pair it with brown leather shorts but also, I love myself, I don't want to be fried, maybe not my skin, but my inside would sympathize with the marinated chickens in a rotisserie.

This day was really funny (I can't find words to describe it haha), a lot of my classmates had their fittings today and most of those classmates were the fashionable gays who I really admire, gosh I really wanted to be friends with them so we can all be fashion best buddies haha. Ate Mitch, one of my friends, had his fitting of project 1 and guess what? He wore sky high heels, see-through tights, he curled her hair, wore make-up then the project. He's so confident, he modeled in the room and even went to the Advanced Dress-making and Fashion design room, it was so much fun watching him strut his stuff haha. Also, Ate Legs who's in the Secondary had his fittings too, he made a dress-pants with cut-outs, it was so sexy! Ate Mitch tried it then modeled again haha. It was really funny, great atmosphere, just expressing yourself without anyone negating about it. I promise to take picture of them next time though so you can see how fierce they all are. :)

Quote again: "Sometimes bad things happen."- House- when the bell suggested that it was time for us to go home, I packed my stuffs and asked Teacher Beth where's the nearest Carolina's because I need trimmings for my clothes, she told me it was in Libertad and instructed me how to get there. My way to Carolina's was neat, no hassle, but it got tough when I was on my way home, the safest way was to ride the lrt. It was very spacious at first but when we got to next station it was like booom like everyone planned to ride the lrt at the same time. I was still relaxed that time thinking oh well tons of people are gonna evacuate on the next station, nya turns out fortune telling was not my thing. One or three girls left, and like 10 replaced them. Two stations passed and it's still the same scenario, when my station was next I was pleading "Excuse me po, susunod na po na station yung bababaan ko." I appreciated how some tried to move but I also understand that there was really no way to move haha. I got a bit paranoid as the train was approaching the station, but then I prepared myself, held my bags tightly, fixed my body in the best posture and tried to fight my way out of the door. For a moment it felt like they were zombies who wouldn't let you out but yeah I survived!! Haha.

Tee: Zara
Denim shirt: Zara
Star-printed shorts: Giordano
Ballerina flats: Dorothy Perkins
Satchel: bought in Indonesia
Cat-eye sunnies: thrifted
Cross necklace: Given by Mom
Amethyst pendant: Made by Mom
Circular pendant necklace: Aldo

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