Friday, May 25, 2012

What is Cool

I thought Japan and China had the most bizarre and riskiest fashion, now I know that Filipinos can take a lot of risks too, you just have to know where to look for them. Philippine Fashion Week is really a fashion week, here are the snapshots of the people who caught my attention.

Gab, I know you want this ahhaha. Definitely the shoe of the night, so much confidence oozing from the person who wore this.

This is vintageyy

I love the big prints of one of the guy's shirt and the other's short. Something tells me that Donatella Versace's here

Fashion&Comfort at its finest, dress with cuts + barefoot

Took this because of the model, I think he's stylish


I would have to say my eyes keep on going back to this guy since the runway, lovely hair, cool accessories and ohmyholybroccoli look at that print!

l-r Ate Phampy, their friend, Ate Mitch (told you he's sexy! His waistline's 25 :O) and another friend of them (so stunning right? + he looks like a woman!)

I just took a picture of them hahaha

This is how crazy my classmates are, look at that hair color Ate Phampy's sporting!


Vintagey military coats are timeless!

I love the variety present in this dress, sheer, fringe, appliques..

Taray coat

Was interested in the guy's Versace for H&M jacket, too bad he ran, didn't get a decent picture of him :(

If you want to look like a senorita, frills will never let you down

I love this guy!!! Part of me wants to be his best friend so he could share to me where he gets all those treasure

Not as outlandish as the others but I really love that long lace cardigan
One of the models wearing a lime color dress, so pretty :D

cdbcdcbdcuigdfuagdobcbcsdudcs you da man! Versace sweatshirt, sheer skirt, black tights, boots with wooden heels, bones accessories, ASTIG!!!

Finally finally got the strength to ask pictures of them hahaah. I'm really in love with those creepers.

Sorry if the photos are not a lot and most of them are not faced to me, it's just that some of them are staring at me and the dslr on my hand, it felt like they didn't want to be pictured or like "Who's that?" haha. Anyway, I'm still proud of the amount of guts I had last night, it really paid off hahahhaha. Will try my best tomorrow to take more pictures! :D

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  1. Oh jeebus the shoes!! Haha Biancaaaa everything seems perfect. Everything = the shoes and the smokinnnnn model!!!!