Friday, May 10, 2013


Visiting Legoland was our third day itinerary. Malaysia is just a 1-hour bus trip from Singapore and it was weird in a good way. You still drop by Malaysia's airport and go through the immigration and it just felt really weird, I mean you're just an hour away from a totally different place, totally different culture and of course a totally different environment.

I was really excited to get to Legoland because it's like going back to my childhood days. I was very much happy whenever I play lego with my siblings especially with my dad. We would build 'dinosaurs' and we had this super cool Harry Potter lego. Aaahhh wish I was a kid again but thanks to this trip, turns out you can still be a 5-year-old at heart hehe. 


I was really impressed with Legoland's environment, it was very vibrant, everyone was bursting joy. The Legoland people were also all smiles, it was such an ideal environment hehe and they were always there to take pictures of you. 

I'm pretty sure the main attraction was these around-the-world structures. It's unbelievable, like oh wow who assembled these structures? They're out of freaking lego!!! And the attention to detail was just WOW HANDS DOWN. I realized that with patience and determination, amazing things can be formed.

Twin towers!! So freaking cool!!

Lola so cute

Cargo 5ever

This is so Singapore!!! The Merlion, Fullerton Hotel aaaahh!! Hay imagine the skills of the people who made this

Hihi tita and lola

Look at that temple!!!! Isn't it gorgeous!!!

Such a beaut!!!

Indians dancing <3 td="">

Angkor Wat beybeh


The sossy times

Hehe lola
By 12 in the afternoon, Tita Sheryl and Tita Lenlen's family got to Legoland then we met up with them. Tadaaa pictures in the entrance again haha

Girl power

Tita Lenlen, Tito Ern and Maristella <3 td="">

After years of not going to themed parks, Project X revived my extremist side, it prepared me for Universal Studios haha

The great Einstein

Soccer mehehehe

My favorite figure!!

Elephant 10ever

Lola's long lost family ahhaha

I feel so one with earth naks

Ouch my neck hurts

Ouch my body hurts

Tita and I rode the log jam-ish ride and of course we got wet. We took advantage of our wetness and tried the log jam thrice nyahaha
Photo from Tita Sheryl

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHANGE OUTFIT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duma-The Beatles


How can someone fall asleep in legoland?

And he's snoring

So loud


My visit to Legoland was definitely memorable, it was really nice to get back my try-all-the-rides attitude. This visit made me love Legos even more, and my clan even more hehe. Legoland is a must-see, I assure you, you'll love it-- Every piece, every corner, every ride and every person wahihi.
First Outfit
Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Coach (Tita's)

Second Outfit
Red Velvet long sleeves: thrifted
Shorts: Mura Dito
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Coach (Tita's)