Saturday, December 31, 2011


We spent this Christmas with my grandparents in Bicol, it's a 12-hour drive from Manila. I had a lot of fun, we visited lots of beaches, I even snorkeled with the whaleshark!

These photos are of the same beach, it's the first beach that we went to when we got to the province, I think they call it Dangkalan beach. It's amazing, the view was breath-taking, only problem is, it's too shallow so I have to get really really far from the shore so I can swim haha. 

Beautiful Oops is my favorite present! Mom gave it to me, it's not full of words but it totally changed my perspective. This is the only present that I got during Christmas day because as I said we were in the province, we only brought the gifts for the people there. 

Bee? Moth? What? Haha. This is really cute so I thought I'd share this to you, I saw this cute little thing on the rocks, the beach where this wonderful thing showed up was Subic Matnog, we went island hopping there. 

Second to the last place we visited, it's one of the islands when we went island hopping. I've never appreciated nature so much since I got to this place. 

P.S. These photos are from my phone, I'll make a detailed post when I collect the photos from the dslr. 

Welcome to my phone

Shirt: Quiksilver
Shorts: Levi's
Flats: Zara
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Watch: Seiko

Scarf: Diy
Dress: French Connection

Sweater: Roxy
Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger

I want to update my blog so bad so uhhm forgive me. These photos are probably results of my vanity, they're not looks, they're everyday outfits. The first photo was when I went shopping with Mom, second is when I was in the province, I loved wearing dresses during that time haha and lastly was when we visited Mom in the hospital, I was wearing sweater because it was raining so hard. 

Happy New Year guys! What's your resolution? Mine would be get over the past and stop procrastinating. 

P.S. I just realized that I'm not so vain at all :D