Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unlimited Joy

Let me start by saying THIS DAY IS ONE FINE DAY. Everything went smoothly, there were literally no cringes or raised eyebrows. The day started early as we're all prepped by 7:30am to attend the 8:00 am service. We had the third installment of the series Unlimited, Pastor Patrick talked about the burden of being in debt and what the bible says about it. 

The first principle of debt is that you need to get out of it and in order to do that, there has to be a change in your lifestyle and must utilize what is available. You do the practical which is changing your lifestyle and God will do what seems impossible, he will multiply what you have. That's how God's grace works, you have to obey him and he will do the rest. Besides the financial debt, there is also a personal debt and God will also pull you out of that -- He already did the most important thing which is to erase the debt of sin, how much more the other things? 

After we attended church, we had lunch in Mr. Choi's Kitchen to celebrate my brother's 11th birthday, it's actually an early celebration -- he'll turn 11 tomorrow. I can't believe how fast time is, it seems like yesterday he only played with legos and never argued about anything. I am happy with how he is now -- he's a very intelligent boy and has self-discipline, he's also very understanding though sometimes I'm a hardheaded sister. I'm certain that I love my brother so so much. 

Lastly, this post has a special place in my heart because it was my Mom who took the shots-- she's also the one who directed haha.  

Jacket: Bench
Tank top: Forever 21
Pants: Bench
Flats: Crocs
Necklace: Love Diva

P.S. I adore Bench now, finally, Philippine rtw brands are now stepping it up to the next level 


You can never go wrong with an lbd especially with this kind of lbd, an lbd with a twist. I love the asymmetrical cut of this dress, it makes me feel confident. This look may be more of a party look and that shows I dress according to my mood. Last Sunday, my refined edgy girl side dominated which is why I came up with this. I chose to wear eye-catching accessories to lessen the need for bling-bling.

Dress: Overrun
Purse: Aldo
Flats: Zara

Fa la la la la

Red is one of my favorite colors, it's such a happy color and at the same time, it's classy. If you're my schoolmate, you know that my backpack is red, and I have a number of other red bags and red shoes, even my baking materials are red. I used to hate red because I thought it was superstitious but my mom liked it so much, so maybe I acquired that as I see her with red wallet, clothes, shoes, chairs, toys and all other things.

This was my outfit last last week in church and the feeling was amazing, maybe that's what happens when you wear things that have significance to you. For this outfit, I applied print on print and color coordination which was the thing last season.

Also, Christmas is near, it's exactly a month away so I kinda went seasonal for this look. I am very much looking forward to Christmas 2012 since my Dad will be home, my aunt too, also I built a great relationship with people especially with my best friends Mary Jo and Diana making me conclude that this Christmas will be special and memorable.

And of course, I have a wishlist, a real wishlist! By real, I mean I now recognize the things that I love which is arts. On top of my list is a sewing machine, next are art materials particularly the Winsor & Newton watercolor, then clothes and shoes and the thing I really really really wish I'd get is a ticket to The Script's concert but effort never goes out of style, so a card or self-made bracelet or a collage would make me happy as much as the things in my list would. :)

Top: Mango
Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Doll shoes: Crocs
Bag: Rustan's

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2012 is the most spontaneous halloween I had in my entire life. It was 7pm of October 31st when I randomly shouted "Hey costume tayo!" (Let's wear costumes!) and my siblings headed quickly to their closets to look for costume-y garments.

I planned to be Esther from the movie The Orphan because I wanted to wear this dress from the ukay so bad and I thought that it is something that Esther would wear. I tried my best to achieve her porcelain white skin but it just won't  happen, also, I used an oxblood colored lipstick to add "evilness" to my halloween costume. 
While I was browsing the photos I realized that it's soooooo far from Esther because 1. I had long hair, she had shoulder length 2. All her clothes have collar, mine doesn't have one and 3. She's thin, and well me, I'm the exact opposite but it was worth a shot, not bad for a first timer haha. 

I'm gonna disturb your sleep!!

Bernard as a corpse. Hehe I love how he poses this way

Beatrice as a vampire ballerina

Benedict as a zombie pirate

My siblings are so cuuuuuute!

Pwede? HAHA

P.S. Do you now realize how crazy my family is? :D

I believe in pink

I wore this last last week to church, better late than never right? The whole pants-folding + ankle boots was inspired by one of the streetstyle photos in Topshop's fb page. I think it looks nice especially if you have long legs which I obviously don't have so yeah working on it. 

The gold top was from a thrift shop, it was quite a steal and that's Audrey Hepburn on my shirt! Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of a woman during her time and maybe until now, she's just one refined and exemplary lady. 

Gold top: thrifted
Skinny jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Charles & Keith
Boots: Zara

My post title is a line from her famous quote: 
I believe in pink
I believe that laughing 
Is the best calorie burner
I believe in kissing
 Kissing a lot
I believe in strong
When everything seems to be going wrong
I believe that happy girls
Are the prettiest girls
I believe that tomorrow 
Is another day
And I believe in miracles

Work the t-shirt

Deadly studs

Hehey I'm backkkkk, I won't complain about school or other stuffs this time cos truth be told I just kinda went through a phase when I thought expressing your thoughts is a waste of time and yeah my mind's okay now haha.

I quite had a turning point and I'm focused to doing great in school now which explains the reason why I don't stress myself in dressing up now hence the minimal look. Also, I browsed the streetstyle photos this f/w 2013 fashion week and I admired the t-shirt + boyfriend jeans + kitten heels look. I have a hunch that this minimal yet edgy trend was inspired by Balmain or Alexander Wang.

As to what happened today, a series called "The End" had its last installment earlier and it talks about the importance of having the right perception of hell and heaven because the way we can see the future affects the way you live.It's one of my favorite series cos conspiracy theories like the great tribulation was tackled. I also watched Wreck it Ralph with the family and it was so so so good! You can learn a lot from it and the concept was just perfect, seriously hands down to Disney. The main idea of the movie is that you should change the way the society sees you if you think that you are right and society's wrong. Sometimes we also think that we are programmed to do a certain thing and that we cannot do a thing about it but truth is, we control our lives and no one can decide for your life but yourself. I really do wish Market! Market! had a 3D one but nevertheless Wreck it Ralph is one fine movie, definitely a must-see!

T-shirt: Zara
Pants: People are People
Bag: Zara
Kitten heels: Nine West