Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fa la la la la

Red is one of my favorite colors, it's such a happy color and at the same time, it's classy. If you're my schoolmate, you know that my backpack is red, and I have a number of other red bags and red shoes, even my baking materials are red. I used to hate red because I thought it was superstitious but my mom liked it so much, so maybe I acquired that as I see her with red wallet, clothes, shoes, chairs, toys and all other things.

This was my outfit last last week in church and the feeling was amazing, maybe that's what happens when you wear things that have significance to you. For this outfit, I applied print on print and color coordination which was the thing last season.

Also, Christmas is near, it's exactly a month away so I kinda went seasonal for this look. I am very much looking forward to Christmas 2012 since my Dad will be home, my aunt too, also I built a great relationship with people especially with my best friends Mary Jo and Diana making me conclude that this Christmas will be special and memorable.

And of course, I have a wishlist, a real wishlist! By real, I mean I now recognize the things that I love which is arts. On top of my list is a sewing machine, next are art materials particularly the Winsor & Newton watercolor, then clothes and shoes and the thing I really really really wish I'd get is a ticket to The Script's concert but effort never goes out of style, so a card or self-made bracelet or a collage would make me happy as much as the things in my list would. :)

Top: Mango
Skirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Doll shoes: Crocs
Bag: Rustan's

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