Sunday, November 4, 2012

Work the t-shirt

Deadly studs

Hehey I'm backkkkk, I won't complain about school or other stuffs this time cos truth be told I just kinda went through a phase when I thought expressing your thoughts is a waste of time and yeah my mind's okay now haha.

I quite had a turning point and I'm focused to doing great in school now which explains the reason why I don't stress myself in dressing up now hence the minimal look. Also, I browsed the streetstyle photos this f/w 2013 fashion week and I admired the t-shirt + boyfriend jeans + kitten heels look. I have a hunch that this minimal yet edgy trend was inspired by Balmain or Alexander Wang.

As to what happened today, a series called "The End" had its last installment earlier and it talks about the importance of having the right perception of hell and heaven because the way we can see the future affects the way you live.It's one of my favorite series cos conspiracy theories like the great tribulation was tackled. I also watched Wreck it Ralph with the family and it was so so so good! You can learn a lot from it and the concept was just perfect, seriously hands down to Disney. The main idea of the movie is that you should change the way the society sees you if you think that you are right and society's wrong. Sometimes we also think that we are programmed to do a certain thing and that we cannot do a thing about it but truth is, we control our lives and no one can decide for your life but yourself. I really do wish Market! Market! had a 3D one but nevertheless Wreck it Ralph is one fine movie, definitely a must-see!

T-shirt: Zara
Pants: People are People
Bag: Zara
Kitten heels: Nine West

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