Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2012 is the most spontaneous halloween I had in my entire life. It was 7pm of October 31st when I randomly shouted "Hey costume tayo!" (Let's wear costumes!) and my siblings headed quickly to their closets to look for costume-y garments.

I planned to be Esther from the movie The Orphan because I wanted to wear this dress from the ukay so bad and I thought that it is something that Esther would wear. I tried my best to achieve her porcelain white skin but it just won't  happen, also, I used an oxblood colored lipstick to add "evilness" to my halloween costume. 
While I was browsing the photos I realized that it's soooooo far from Esther because 1. I had long hair, she had shoulder length 2. All her clothes have collar, mine doesn't have one and 3. She's thin, and well me, I'm the exact opposite but it was worth a shot, not bad for a first timer haha. 

I'm gonna disturb your sleep!!

Bernard as a corpse. Hehe I love how he poses this way

Beatrice as a vampire ballerina

Benedict as a zombie pirate

My siblings are so cuuuuuute!

Pwede? HAHA

P.S. Do you now realize how crazy my family is? :D

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