Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paint in the Ass

I'm throwing a party for the renaissance of my creative spirit! Speaking of renaissance, just last week our mapeh teacher asked us to make an artwork about Egyptians, Greeks, the Middle Age and the Renaissance period. 

These artworks are not a pain in the ass in a way that I was forced to do it, in fact, I was all smiles while doing strokes with my Royal Langnickel brush. But they are a pain in the ass because I made them by  2am-4am last Sunday and Monday haha which is my fault but still, what a paint in the ass! 

Greek Art; The Three Graces

Ombre background teehee

Greek art again, I love Greece!; Medusa

Rameses or more appropriately, the child of Rameses and Magdalena Frackowiak hahaha! 

Producing new shades

Renaissance art!

I am so proud of this, smitten on this painting ohyeah. 

I love you to the moon and back

Tan lines in my ankles? How weird

Creepy enough?

Hold my hand.... joke HAHAHAHA

*Drum rolls* YES I have a galaxy printed apparel already!!!! If you've been following me in twitter, you may have read a tweet that says how desperate I am for galaxy-printed stuffs. For quite some time, I searched over the internet and the only beautiful galaxy-printed clothes are from Christopher Kane which I obviously can't afford. There's also this website that I bumped into and they sell all kinds of fabric, I quickly looked for the galaxy ones and the price is P3000/yard which is still not practical.

Remember when I told you my mom and I basically went wherever the wind took us? The wind, fortunately, took us to Divisoria and led me to this overrun shop (where I bought my distressed shorts as well) selling this! They have it in different colors, red, brown and blue, they also have floral blazers, pastel blazers, sheer dresses, asymmetric dresses, studded collars, combat boots, colored pants, floral corsets, bandeau dresses and skirts, collar necklaces, and many many more + they have clothes for men. I reckon you should visit it! :)

Sorry sorry sorry though for not posting this last Sunday or any other weekday, my spirit was just nowhere to be found and my brain's drained. So now, I'm really happy I'm posting this haha

White shirt: Zara
Black Shorts: Zara
Galaxy-printed blazer: Overrun
Gold satchel: Erb & Chet (bought in Rockwell Bazaar)
Platforms: Primadonna