Friday, June 24, 2011


It's 12 in the afternoon and I just woke up, the first thing I did was put on my earphones and listened to my favorite songs, it's one way to have a beautiful start this day. :) So uhm I just want to share to you my playlist, these songs are the songs that you will see me listening to often. :) They're my most played, they make me happy and lastly they help me, the words are soothing. My favorite songs are basically the songs which I can relate on to, so maybe if you take time to listen to the songs which I would be sharing, you would know  a part of me. :)

It's Who You Are by Jessie J, I just started listening to it last night, it made me crack a smile when I first heard it, I've encountered bad, really bad experiences and sometimes it just makes me think that I'm one of the most unfortunate people ever. Sometimes I get so clueless 'cause there are things that happen to me that I know I don't deserve, when I heard this song, it made me remember all the bad things and I just wanted to cry but this song moved me, 'It's okay not to be okay,' that's what Jessie J said, and it kind of gave me hope.

Next is Run Forward by Audrey Assad, I've liked this song since last year and I liked it even more now, I found this song because of my mom. So uhm I like this guy a lot but I don't know how to say this but it's just complicated, when you hear about the story, I bet you'll say that I'm so stupid, that I should give up but uh I don't know, I can't force myself to stop liking him 'cause I do like him, in fact I've admired him for the last two years and no other guy can be of comparison to him. We seldom talk and he says he likes me too but there are times when I don't feel it, sometimes I don't get him so uhm I offer this song to him, I always remember him whenever I hear this song. This song captivated my heart because of the part wherein it says 'Is it too much to ask that your heart be revealing just a little bit.'

With Everything by Hillsong, this song has changed me in a lot of ways, I first heard this when I attended Ignite this May and I cried while I was singing this song with the whole crowd, it made me reflect, and I realized that I wasn't acting like a human, I do a lot of wrong things and it makes God cry, we all know that nobody's perfect but as long as you can change something for the better, change. Tho I have two favorite worship songs, Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers, and this one, With Everything by Hillsong, this song taught me to discern before I do something, this song has changed me, and I can say that things are getting smoother and smoother as the days pass. 

Every Rose has its Thorn by Miley Cyrus, every once in a while Miley Cyrus impresses me, firstly during the release of the Climb, and then When I Look at You and now, this song, it is kinda depressing but this is reality, even tho how hard you try to make things up, even tho how hard you try to plan things, even tho how hard you try to fix things, something always goes wrong. I guess this is how life goes, things get better, you get all giddy and happy but next thing you know, something went wrong again. Life is like this, bad things happen but you know you're a winner when you don't give up. Just keep going, always keep on your mind that you've never had enough. 

The Call by Regina Spektor! <3 I knew about this song because of Narnia, it's Narnia:Prince Caspian's soundtrack, this song has one of the best flow of beat. It's very relaxing, luckily this song has a very good message too, I really can't explain it but I definitely can relate with it. This song has kinda taught me to hold on, it also taught me how to deal with rejection. My favorite part is 'Just because they can't feel it too, doesn't mean that you have to forget.' :)

I have more songs to share! But listen to these songs for now, I hope you get inspired as much as I did. :) Ciao! Watch out for the next set of playlist soon. :D

Alexander McQueen!

Alexander McQueen's footwear always makes me drool, his designs are divine and it inspires me since I want to be a fashion designer and also because I'm interested to fashion. I've always wanted to know how to draw shoes  'cause before I suck, I literally suck at drawing them so just to see if I've improved, I copied some of Alexander McQueen's booties.
It's a super cool ankle booties, its heels are like metals aaah it's just so cooooool! I copied it from this photo it's beautiful isn't it? :)

And secondly, this booties
When I drew that, I haven't bought the pencils so uhm yeah I'm not good at coloring and mixing hues. That beaut was copied from this. I couldn't be bothered to draw the details on the heels and platforms, my hands are gonna hurt. Haha. So I decided to just use a black marker to fill the heels and platforms. :)

So it never stopped raining and it was really cold, the only thing I wore today was sweatshirts (luckily I have a lot) and tights or denim shorts. This day turned pretty well, uhm well today's a productive day haha. I got a lot of sleep, I sketched, I bonded with my brothers and and and.. :D I felt the need to buy decent drawing materials so I asked our nanny to come with me in the bookstore, even tho some streets were a bit flooded, our nanny and I managed to go, just to fill my need of buying pencils and stuffs. I didn't want to freeze nor get sick, that's why I wore jacket, long sleeves and tights. 
Yeyyy I'm in space! Uhh so yeah I installed gimp and I tried changing the background. Haha. My edit is not bad for a starter. :p I spent half an hour watching tutorials in youtube. :D 

So back to the need,
 I bought  a new sketchpad and some pencils. 
The two pens aren't new as well as the colored pencils and one of the markers. I'm so happy 'cause finally I got decent pencils for sketching and shading. Haha!
When we got home, I went to my room and drew right away, my mood is kind of like, 'your wildest dreams mood.' :p
There's Anne of Green Gables, a hippo sandwhich, two heads become one and a monster! I'm looking forward to color it in gimp, maybe some other time when I'm already good at it. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


This morning, it was raining so hard, I was happy about it 'cause I want the classes to be suspended 'cause yeah I don't like my school nor some people in there. Then after 2 hours I think, it stopped raining, I felt really upset. During the afternoon it rained again, I grinned, lol, I knew that the classes were gonna be suspended from how the weather is earlier and then by 3 pm ohyeah it was official, CLASSES ARE SUSPENDED! I was rejoicing when I heard about it, we were all screaming and the boys are like, 'WOOOOO' I was jumping and screaming!
I wanted to get home that instant so I sent a message to our nanny and I asked her to fetch me, it took her long, I waited for 2 hours in the school. When she finally got in my school, we headed right away to our house and uhhh the traffic was insane, vehicles were not moving, the cars were all honking, it was totally insane. But you know, I enjoyed even if it took us half an hour to get home 'cause the whole time the jeepney was running, I was staring at the road and I saw a lot of this rainbow thingo. :D

When we got home, I headed right away to the shower 'cause we walked on flooded streets, it was gross, when I took a shower, I felt itchy and I bathed in alcohol, just to be safe and sanitary. Haha. After that, I put on a sweatshirt 'cause it was bitter cold and some denim shorts, until now, I feel so cold. 

Out of boredom, I started to draw portraits, I know I'm not good but I just want to practice, so that I can do something productive when I'm bored. :p The first portrait that I drew is this:
It's a portrait of Adele in her Rolling in the Deep album, I got so interested because it shows value and the shading was amazing, but when I drew it, the shading got so ugly haha, I honestly don't know how to shade drawings, and I have a big feeling that you use different pencils for sketching, shading and stuffs. :p 

And the next one is this:
It's suppose to be a self-portrait but since I'm not good, it turned out to be different haha. The lips are crooked....for short, I failed to copy my face lol. Well anyways, this is the photo that I copied on to: 
Hahaha see, they're distinct right? :p I gotta practice my drawing skills.. :D