Thursday, June 23, 2011


This morning, it was raining so hard, I was happy about it 'cause I want the classes to be suspended 'cause yeah I don't like my school nor some people in there. Then after 2 hours I think, it stopped raining, I felt really upset. During the afternoon it rained again, I grinned, lol, I knew that the classes were gonna be suspended from how the weather is earlier and then by 3 pm ohyeah it was official, CLASSES ARE SUSPENDED! I was rejoicing when I heard about it, we were all screaming and the boys are like, 'WOOOOO' I was jumping and screaming!
I wanted to get home that instant so I sent a message to our nanny and I asked her to fetch me, it took her long, I waited for 2 hours in the school. When she finally got in my school, we headed right away to our house and uhhh the traffic was insane, vehicles were not moving, the cars were all honking, it was totally insane. But you know, I enjoyed even if it took us half an hour to get home 'cause the whole time the jeepney was running, I was staring at the road and I saw a lot of this rainbow thingo. :D

When we got home, I headed right away to the shower 'cause we walked on flooded streets, it was gross, when I took a shower, I felt itchy and I bathed in alcohol, just to be safe and sanitary. Haha. After that, I put on a sweatshirt 'cause it was bitter cold and some denim shorts, until now, I feel so cold. 

Out of boredom, I started to draw portraits, I know I'm not good but I just want to practice, so that I can do something productive when I'm bored. :p The first portrait that I drew is this:
It's a portrait of Adele in her Rolling in the Deep album, I got so interested because it shows value and the shading was amazing, but when I drew it, the shading got so ugly haha, I honestly don't know how to shade drawings, and I have a big feeling that you use different pencils for sketching, shading and stuffs. :p 

And the next one is this:
It's suppose to be a self-portrait but since I'm not good, it turned out to be different haha. The lips are crooked....for short, I failed to copy my face lol. Well anyways, this is the photo that I copied on to: 
Hahaha see, they're distinct right? :p I gotta practice my drawing skills.. :D

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