Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games fetish

(Katniss) Too close haha, I had a hard time on her lips!

Hehehhe so proud of this, it looks exactly like Seneca Crayne :D
I was actually trying to draw Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) cos I have a big crush on him haha but then, he's too perfect to be captured in a sketch so I drew Katniss and Seneca instead. I love Seneca, I love his beard, it's so dramatic and it was the perfect look for a young game maker.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pastel aztec

This was a very big day, not only did I went to church, as I always do, but I also went to the reception of my baby cousin, Maristella's christening in Greenbelt 5. It was the first time I saw her since they live abroad and I was also so happy to see one of my favorite aunts, Tita Len, who is Maristella's mom. It was so much fun since I get to see my aunts and uncles, well being with family is always fun. :) After that, we headed to Greenbelt 3 to watch The Lorax, I've always been a fan of Dr. Seuss, so you can say that I was smiling while walking because of uncontainable excitement haha. Just as I was captured by The Cat in The Hat, The Lorax didn't fail to do so, yet another movie that built my personality and my awareness of what's happening and what will most likely happen in the future. Though it's animated and full of cute little things, everybody needs to watch the Lorax, I don't know, maybe your perspective might just turn upside down and you'll be stirred to the right direction. And I'll admit it, I am guilty of some of the things that are in the movie, it might not be as bad but I'm glad that I watched it before I turn into a monster and yes, I cried a bit :p

Don't forget to watch The Lorax! 
Shirt: Zara

Belt: Zara

Skirt: thrifted (jackpot!!)

Brogues: Melissa

Messenger bag: Zara 

Necklace: Evil eye: Diy; Swallows: Op shops

Ring: Papemelroti

This was the most memorable song in the movie, or more correctly, the scariest. It's when the Once-ler thinks that it wouldn't hurt to cut a bit trees not knowing that after some time, he'll abuse it, he cut down trees until the trufulas are gone. We're like him sometimes, you know. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zara wishlist

Get ready for photos falling from the sky
I find this really interesting and perfect for summer!

Playing with prints piece hehe

Sheer maxi

The perfect brown ankle booties

Alice in Wonderland-ish :D

Looks like a scarf print, love it!

Art of swirls and lines

I'm ready for the beach!!

Very vintage-y 

Everyday wedges

Anything pastel is essential haha

If only my arms weren't huge 
Zara's collection is really good, they're not the kind of pieces that you'd find in other stores. If you're into color-blocking, playing with prints, sheers or laces, Zara will make you crazy. I wish I'd see my wardrobe soon with these pieces! They're mostly skirts and dresses since summer is on its way, pants can wait! And the black dresses too :p

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For the past months, decorated walls had dominated over 50% of posts in my tumblr dashboard, every time I see them I think "Oh pretty please can I have your wall?"  It's very obvious how photos and paintings brighten up the whole room when you've got them pasted on your wall, that was the main reason I came up with this + I'll be able to put all the things that inspire me + I'd have a good background whenever vanity attacks me haha. 

What I finished yesterday (taken with instagram)

My wall as of now, I had to put my one love, Daphne <33

l-r Gotye, Lanvin backstage photo, Brooke Fraser, The Beatles, Florence + The Machine logo

Octopus fetish chandelier, painting of Abbey Lee, Baudelaire Siblings (l-r Klaus, Sunny, Violet), Coachella 2012

"Hanne Gaby Odiele's style obsession", DAPHNE GROENEVELD, Abbey Lee 

Serene pastel-colored ferris wheel, Romeo and Juliet (Leonardo ah!), Fei Fei Sun 

Those are clearly just fashionspirations and my favorite artists, I'll put photos of my family and friends next! I'll keep you updated :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Gerald being fierce hahaha

Whip my hair part


Jordan ain't gonna stop KILEIGH!

Team Captain vs Team Captain

Big things shouldn't scare you hahahah
John Nhoel after shooting?

I knew it!!! HAHAAHAHA

Of course my classmates are the only ones allowed to have a funny photo :p

Sexy Kirsten ;D

And now, let the unfortunate events begin..


I say Lingcon, you say BEST

Intramurals!! Yeay! Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we had the intramurals, which is by far the most fun days I had in Masci. On Wednesday, we had the volleyball, table tennis and badminton, Thursday, the basketball games!- my favorite! I was screaming on top of my lungs the whole day, every ace and every miss, I had comments lool. And that day, I realized that hey I want to learn basketball! We got victory in the first game but in the second game, no, it was a match between Lingcon and Dardel. Some of Dardel's players are really good, so good that they freaked me out. Although we didn't win, I guess it's something to be proud of that Lingcon boys gave them pressure. And on Friday, the cheerdance competitions, and the 14th book of The Series of Unfortunate Events, it's just that on that day, misfortunes happened one after the other. It's a bit frustrating, especially during the cheerdance, the song that was played during our routine's wrong which means we all felt embarrassed, clashing reactions took place after our routine, some laughing especially the boys, some completely quiet, some had frustration in their eyes, some pulled everything that's within and some cried, and one of those "somes" is me. Even though all that happened, I'm still proud for all the achievements of Lingcon during intrams, and the effort we showed.

Those three days are days worth remembering. Thank you so much Lingcon for having you team on those memorable days,  Mapeh Department for imposing this program and Sir Orines for approving. :)


Please let me intrude into your dashboards with my come-back post haha kidding. Yes, I finally updated my blog after a month, our laptop had to be reformatted so now it's back to business! :)

I named this post 'Intrusion' mainly because we started a new series in church today! It was really unexpected, I never thought it was on the list. As Pastor Joseph was preaching, I was like "HOW DID THEY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON IN MY LIFE?! :O" I guess that's how God works right? Every plan perfectly executed and perfectly in time. Most of the time, we blame circumstances, we blame them why we are the person we are today but truly, those circumstances show what we're capable of- how we can say harsh words, how we can express hate to the people around us, how we think we can escape to our wrong doings, how we think we can trick God. But despite that, God chooses to intrude in our lives to change us. 

Whilst listening, I started to remember people who lied to me, people who tried to get away with it, for a moment I wished they were there to hear the message so they can stop whatever they're doing and also I kind of wanted to move on with it because it will be the consequences of their action that will chase them. 

Jacket: Marks & Spencer
Dress: Zara
Flats: Dorothy Perkins
Rings: Op shops