Sunday, March 4, 2012


Please let me intrude into your dashboards with my come-back post haha kidding. Yes, I finally updated my blog after a month, our laptop had to be reformatted so now it's back to business! :)

I named this post 'Intrusion' mainly because we started a new series in church today! It was really unexpected, I never thought it was on the list. As Pastor Joseph was preaching, I was like "HOW DID THEY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON IN MY LIFE?! :O" I guess that's how God works right? Every plan perfectly executed and perfectly in time. Most of the time, we blame circumstances, we blame them why we are the person we are today but truly, those circumstances show what we're capable of- how we can say harsh words, how we can express hate to the people around us, how we think we can escape to our wrong doings, how we think we can trick God. But despite that, God chooses to intrude in our lives to change us. 

Whilst listening, I started to remember people who lied to me, people who tried to get away with it, for a moment I wished they were there to hear the message so they can stop whatever they're doing and also I kind of wanted to move on with it because it will be the consequences of their action that will chase them. 

Jacket: Marks & Spencer
Dress: Zara
Flats: Dorothy Perkins
Rings: Op shops

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