Wednesday, March 7, 2012


For the past months, decorated walls had dominated over 50% of posts in my tumblr dashboard, every time I see them I think "Oh pretty please can I have your wall?"  It's very obvious how photos and paintings brighten up the whole room when you've got them pasted on your wall, that was the main reason I came up with this + I'll be able to put all the things that inspire me + I'd have a good background whenever vanity attacks me haha. 

What I finished yesterday (taken with instagram)

My wall as of now, I had to put my one love, Daphne <33

l-r Gotye, Lanvin backstage photo, Brooke Fraser, The Beatles, Florence + The Machine logo

Octopus fetish chandelier, painting of Abbey Lee, Baudelaire Siblings (l-r Klaus, Sunny, Violet), Coachella 2012

"Hanne Gaby Odiele's style obsession", DAPHNE GROENEVELD, Abbey Lee 

Serene pastel-colored ferris wheel, Romeo and Juliet (Leonardo ah!), Fei Fei Sun 

Those are clearly just fashionspirations and my favorite artists, I'll put photos of my family and friends next! I'll keep you updated :)


  1. ahh it looks so good, abbey and hanne are my favourites

  2. They're my favorite too! And Hanne's style makes me faint all the time