Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zara wishlist

Get ready for photos falling from the sky
I find this really interesting and perfect for summer!

Playing with prints piece hehe

Sheer maxi

The perfect brown ankle booties

Alice in Wonderland-ish :D

Looks like a scarf print, love it!

Art of swirls and lines

I'm ready for the beach!!

Very vintage-y 

Everyday wedges

Anything pastel is essential haha

If only my arms weren't huge 
Zara's collection is really good, they're not the kind of pieces that you'd find in other stores. If you're into color-blocking, playing with prints, sheers or laces, Zara will make you crazy. I wish I'd see my wardrobe soon with these pieces! They're mostly skirts and dresses since summer is on its way, pants can wait! And the black dresses too :p

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