Sunday, March 4, 2012


Gerald being fierce hahaha

Whip my hair part


Jordan ain't gonna stop KILEIGH!

Team Captain vs Team Captain

Big things shouldn't scare you hahahah
John Nhoel after shooting?

I knew it!!! HAHAAHAHA

Of course my classmates are the only ones allowed to have a funny photo :p

Sexy Kirsten ;D

And now, let the unfortunate events begin..


I say Lingcon, you say BEST

Intramurals!! Yeay! Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we had the intramurals, which is by far the most fun days I had in Masci. On Wednesday, we had the volleyball, table tennis and badminton, Thursday, the basketball games!- my favorite! I was screaming on top of my lungs the whole day, every ace and every miss, I had comments lool. And that day, I realized that hey I want to learn basketball! We got victory in the first game but in the second game, no, it was a match between Lingcon and Dardel. Some of Dardel's players are really good, so good that they freaked me out. Although we didn't win, I guess it's something to be proud of that Lingcon boys gave them pressure. And on Friday, the cheerdance competitions, and the 14th book of The Series of Unfortunate Events, it's just that on that day, misfortunes happened one after the other. It's a bit frustrating, especially during the cheerdance, the song that was played during our routine's wrong which means we all felt embarrassed, clashing reactions took place after our routine, some laughing especially the boys, some completely quiet, some had frustration in their eyes, some pulled everything that's within and some cried, and one of those "somes" is me. Even though all that happened, I'm still proud for all the achievements of Lingcon during intrams, and the effort we showed.

Those three days are days worth remembering. Thank you so much Lingcon for having you team on those memorable days,  Mapeh Department for imposing this program and Sir Orines for approving. :)

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