Sunday, September 23, 2012

indie-x c-art

As I was cleaning my cabinet, I saw a sealed pack of blank index cards placed near my book, The Fault in Our Stars. I was itching to paint that night but I'm too lazy to paint on a bond paper, I thought it was too big, so finding the index cards made me hum allelujiah. 

I obviously wasn't in the mood to paint something serious but my fingers really wanted to be intimate with paint brushes. To avoid stressing my brain on what to paint, I just thought of the things that I want to be painted on my nails hehe so yeah they're palm trees, evil eyes, diamonds, bananas, hippy skulls, aztec print and well I don't really want unicorns in my nails but I think they're cute to look at. 

palm tree of my eye



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Double-sided Tears

If we've been friends for quite some time you'll know that I'm scared of rats. Seeing one makes me feel like throwing up and my whole being just starts to shake in fear. Their grey color and long tail scare me a lot but the thought of being chewed by them to death scares me the most.

Earlier in English class, we read a short story titled "The Vanity of the Rat". The story's really good and I admire the style of the author, the way he/she put humor in the story. Everything was fine until we got to the activity, Mr. Kris asked us to put pictures in sequence in accordance to the story, Mr. Sun went first then Mr. Cloud then Mr. Wind then there goes Mr. Wall and lastly Roger Rat. Roger Rat looked like a real rat who was staring at me and the photo was 3 dimensional-ish which made me gasp. I managed to cover the photo with a xerox copy of the story but my tummy started to feel funny and tears started to form on my eyes, Leo and Angel were laughing because I did my best to avoid the photo. After minutes of discussion, we had a group work and our task was to find an appropriate song for the story or in our case, we made a song and also make a music video. I begged Sir Kris to remove the photo but Leo got it instead, he started to flash it wherever I looked and well I was screaming the whole time, Chloe also said "Bianca!" then she raised the photo but I really cried when Kim slid the photo and it stopped near my lap, I freaking thought Roger Rat was gone but my groupmates just scared me!!

Even though Roger Rat wasn't a good reason to cry, I also cried cos of so much laughing, the lyrics we came up with were so funny that my jaws hurt.

To the beat of Marry You:
they say the shining sun is the most powerful
but nooooooooo
the clouds can goooooo
as the wind blowsssss
and the wall stops it
but the rats put a hole in the walllllll

To the beat of Speak Now:
don't squeak yes
run away now
i'll meet you when you're out
at the hole
in the sewer 
by the back door

To the beat of Breaking Free (we didn't include it in the mv tho):
We're cheese-grilling, tail-wiggling
there's not a hole in the colony
that we won't inhabit
if we're squeaking
then we're breaking free
you know humans will kill us
with pesticides, insecticides and rat killers
creating space between us
'til we can't eat cheese

To the beat of Thunder:
your tail was the longest in the colonyyyyyyyy
i will never touch another
you'll always be my ________ dancer?
so bring on your tailllllllll
and your big teeth toooooooo


Anyway here's a spinning coke for you, it's as undecided as the reason for my tears lol

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yehesssss I am out my comfort zone, new setting for the look posts! My family and I had a roadtrip for my brother's school project, he's asked to take pictures of the historical places and  we all know that you can't miss Intramuros. I've been to Intramuros thrice but it's the first time I had a clear view of the skateboarders' and artists' paradise--it's my first time to take pictures in it too. My eyes were having a feast as I looked at the graffiti thoroughly. I really cannot fathom how adroit these artists are, I wish I can make a graffiti before I die hihi. 

Behold my mom's editing skills!!!

My favorite "Education For All"

Candid hihi

Quite a stepping stone to my gymnast dreams

A ramp aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh *insert Chico doing a flip*

Play music 
Visiting this "skate park" made me able to cross-out a thing in my imaginary bucket list. I'll bring spray paint and skateboards next time!!

Oh and btw hi to my watergirls, Gab, Chloe and Diana, let's go to this place and shoot our "editorials" ;)

Vest: Bayo
Dress: Mango
Flats: Zara
Sunnies: Thrifted

P.S. Would it be better if I named this post "Biancaffriti?" HAHA KIDDING HAHA

Is it just me who thinks about Chris Brown when I hear/see street art/graffiti? Here's my favorite song from his kinda old album, Graffiti :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Time

This is how my Sunday looked like last week, better late than never right? :D

As you all know, we always go to church, after church we headed to Market! Market! to satisfy our growling tummies. We had brunch at Owlism and it's such a dainty resto, their pastries were so good and the viands are good as well but the best thing about Owlism is their owl bowls and plates. I actually thought it was cute and unique :)

After the meal, we strolled to Serendra, the main reason we went there was to view the art galleries and all the artsy stuffs in it.

In the first-ish part of Serendra, you can see the mini powerbooks and my blues turned to juice when we went inside, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh don't you just love bookstores?

Interesting title, I must say

Presenting the most beautiful and most youneedtoreadthisbook book in existence!

Beatrice and Bernard getting busy in the children's section

I wanted to buy this book since I'm into monsters, mummies and mysteries. I remember when I was like 10 yrs old and I read in this encyclopedia different -ist jobs, and when I read "Teratologist", which I think is a person who studies monsters, I was like "A teratologist, that's what I want to be!". Sadly, that book is the third one in the trilogy and how many of you know that reading the last book first is not good? HAHA

I got Shakespearean classics in powerbooks-- Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew, making my English teachers proud yeah.

After the big smiles and the oooohhhsss and the aaahhhhhhsss in powerbooks, we proceeded to the second floor where art galleries are located. It was a nice place but most of the pieces were too "perfect" for me.

Right next to Serendra is Bonifacio High Street where every person seems to be spirited and laid-back. If you want to be in a happy place, go to BHS, it has such a dreamy environment.

 My favorite place in BHS would have to be the nike store, it's different from all the other branches cos it's massive and spacious and there are lots of nike stuffs in it that cannot be found in any other branch + look at that exterior, such an eye-candy!

Fun fact about me is I'm hooked to nba haha, I enjoy watching games and sometimes I play 2k12 and sometimes I stalk the players lol. My favorite teams are Heat and Celtics so imagine the OHYEAH in my face when I saw Lebron's billboards/posters in the nike store! :D



MY DREAM CAR, AUDI :((((( Btw if you want to see nice cars,  go to BGC 

I fell in love with this
I took this shot

Blueberry Mud Pie

Sorry for posting just now, I've been occupied with school works ergo I was tired for the past weeks. There came some instances when I felt the urge to blog but for some unknown reason my need for rest prevailed so yey, this post is quite a breakthrough! Hahaha

Second point, we're having a new series in church called Ako, Ikaw, Tayo and if you're a foreigner, it simply means Me, You, Us/We. The series is about Philippines and what God has to say about building a nation-- stay engaged, seek counsel and stay in faith. It was an amazing moment knowing that Philippines is improving more than ever, Philippines is currently the 44th largest economy in the world today and studies show that by 2050, we'll be on the 16th spot, another news says we are pledging $1 billion to the International Monetary Fund to help Europe in replenishing their economy and lastly, an article in New York Times says that there is a promising future for Philippines due to the young population. If you're keeping track of the news then for sure you know this and doesn't it sound  wonderful? We're being blessed in every way!

Third point, my post title "Blueberry Mud Pie" is contradictory to what I'm doing now, I'm living a semi-healthy life haha, I run on the treadmill 30 mins. a day + 20 mins for other exercises haha, I eat fruits for lunch in school, I eat only two spoons of whatever is served for breakfast, I drink at least 8 bottles of water everyday and lastly I measure my rice for dinner in this tiny cup, I think it amounts to half or quarter of a ladle. I can see the changes in numbers and also when I look in the mirror, I'm really hoping that I'll continue this cos I promised myself that I have to be "skinny" by December :D Wish me luck :D

Denim shirt: Zara
Shorts: H&M
Bag: Zara
Necklace: Bazaar (also available in Divisoria)
Neon spikes bracelets: Bazaar
Watch: Timex
Wedge: Payless Shoe Source