Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Double-sided Tears

If we've been friends for quite some time you'll know that I'm scared of rats. Seeing one makes me feel like throwing up and my whole being just starts to shake in fear. Their grey color and long tail scare me a lot but the thought of being chewed by them to death scares me the most.

Earlier in English class, we read a short story titled "The Vanity of the Rat". The story's really good and I admire the style of the author, the way he/she put humor in the story. Everything was fine until we got to the activity, Mr. Kris asked us to put pictures in sequence in accordance to the story, Mr. Sun went first then Mr. Cloud then Mr. Wind then there goes Mr. Wall and lastly Roger Rat. Roger Rat looked like a real rat who was staring at me and the photo was 3 dimensional-ish which made me gasp. I managed to cover the photo with a xerox copy of the story but my tummy started to feel funny and tears started to form on my eyes, Leo and Angel were laughing because I did my best to avoid the photo. After minutes of discussion, we had a group work and our task was to find an appropriate song for the story or in our case, we made a song and also make a music video. I begged Sir Kris to remove the photo but Leo got it instead, he started to flash it wherever I looked and well I was screaming the whole time, Chloe also said "Bianca!" then she raised the photo but I really cried when Kim slid the photo and it stopped near my lap, I freaking thought Roger Rat was gone but my groupmates just scared me!!

Even though Roger Rat wasn't a good reason to cry, I also cried cos of so much laughing, the lyrics we came up with were so funny that my jaws hurt.

To the beat of Marry You:
they say the shining sun is the most powerful
but nooooooooo
the clouds can goooooo
as the wind blowsssss
and the wall stops it
but the rats put a hole in the walllllll

To the beat of Speak Now:
don't squeak yes
run away now
i'll meet you when you're out
at the hole
in the sewer 
by the back door

To the beat of Breaking Free (we didn't include it in the mv tho):
We're cheese-grilling, tail-wiggling
there's not a hole in the colony
that we won't inhabit
if we're squeaking
then we're breaking free
you know humans will kill us
with pesticides, insecticides and rat killers
creating space between us
'til we can't eat cheese

To the beat of Thunder:
your tail was the longest in the colonyyyyyyyy
i will never touch another
you'll always be my ________ dancer?
so bring on your tailllllllll
and your big teeth toooooooo


Anyway here's a spinning coke for you, it's as undecided as the reason for my tears lol

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