Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Time

This is how my Sunday looked like last week, better late than never right? :D

As you all know, we always go to church, after church we headed to Market! Market! to satisfy our growling tummies. We had brunch at Owlism and it's such a dainty resto, their pastries were so good and the viands are good as well but the best thing about Owlism is their owl bowls and plates. I actually thought it was cute and unique :)

After the meal, we strolled to Serendra, the main reason we went there was to view the art galleries and all the artsy stuffs in it.

In the first-ish part of Serendra, you can see the mini powerbooks and my blues turned to juice when we went inside, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh don't you just love bookstores?

Interesting title, I must say

Presenting the most beautiful and most youneedtoreadthisbook book in existence!

Beatrice and Bernard getting busy in the children's section

I wanted to buy this book since I'm into monsters, mummies and mysteries. I remember when I was like 10 yrs old and I read in this encyclopedia different -ist jobs, and when I read "Teratologist", which I think is a person who studies monsters, I was like "A teratologist, that's what I want to be!". Sadly, that book is the third one in the trilogy and how many of you know that reading the last book first is not good? HAHA

I got Shakespearean classics in powerbooks-- Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew, making my English teachers proud yeah.

After the big smiles and the oooohhhsss and the aaahhhhhhsss in powerbooks, we proceeded to the second floor where art galleries are located. It was a nice place but most of the pieces were too "perfect" for me.

Right next to Serendra is Bonifacio High Street where every person seems to be spirited and laid-back. If you want to be in a happy place, go to BHS, it has such a dreamy environment.

 My favorite place in BHS would have to be the nike store, it's different from all the other branches cos it's massive and spacious and there are lots of nike stuffs in it that cannot be found in any other branch + look at that exterior, such an eye-candy!

Fun fact about me is I'm hooked to nba haha, I enjoy watching games and sometimes I play 2k12 and sometimes I stalk the players lol. My favorite teams are Heat and Celtics so imagine the OHYEAH in my face when I saw Lebron's billboards/posters in the nike store! :D



MY DREAM CAR, AUDI :((((( Btw if you want to see nice cars,  go to BGC 

I fell in love with this
I took this shot

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