Sunday, February 12, 2012

Follow your Heart

Follow your heart, if it longs for a walk
If it desires to enter a new world 

If it craves for spring

Or maybe autumn 

In this country fond of wet and dry 

Follow your heart when it needs to express
Whether understandable
Little doodle

Or just iridescent
Baby sister's painting 
You can still call yourself a heartist

Follow your heart if it delights in God
Whether in shooting balls 

Or protecting the ball until you get to the goal line 
Tim Tebow
Moreover, in the little things we do everyday

But before that
Guard your heart
For it is deceitful above all 
And beyond cure

Even the owner doesn't understand it
Nor he knows that it is wicked
But always remember that we can always go back to the cross
And ask God to create a pure heart in us

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