Friday, June 24, 2011

So it never stopped raining and it was really cold, the only thing I wore today was sweatshirts (luckily I have a lot) and tights or denim shorts. This day turned pretty well, uhm well today's a productive day haha. I got a lot of sleep, I sketched, I bonded with my brothers and and and.. :D I felt the need to buy decent drawing materials so I asked our nanny to come with me in the bookstore, even tho some streets were a bit flooded, our nanny and I managed to go, just to fill my need of buying pencils and stuffs. I didn't want to freeze nor get sick, that's why I wore jacket, long sleeves and tights. 
Yeyyy I'm in space! Uhh so yeah I installed gimp and I tried changing the background. Haha. My edit is not bad for a starter. :p I spent half an hour watching tutorials in youtube. :D 

So back to the need,
 I bought  a new sketchpad and some pencils. 
The two pens aren't new as well as the colored pencils and one of the markers. I'm so happy 'cause finally I got decent pencils for sketching and shading. Haha!
When we got home, I went to my room and drew right away, my mood is kind of like, 'your wildest dreams mood.' :p
There's Anne of Green Gables, a hippo sandwhich, two heads become one and a monster! I'm looking forward to color it in gimp, maybe some other time when I'm already good at it. :)

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