Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unlimited Joy

Let me start by saying THIS DAY IS ONE FINE DAY. Everything went smoothly, there were literally no cringes or raised eyebrows. The day started early as we're all prepped by 7:30am to attend the 8:00 am service. We had the third installment of the series Unlimited, Pastor Patrick talked about the burden of being in debt and what the bible says about it. 

The first principle of debt is that you need to get out of it and in order to do that, there has to be a change in your lifestyle and must utilize what is available. You do the practical which is changing your lifestyle and God will do what seems impossible, he will multiply what you have. That's how God's grace works, you have to obey him and he will do the rest. Besides the financial debt, there is also a personal debt and God will also pull you out of that -- He already did the most important thing which is to erase the debt of sin, how much more the other things? 

After we attended church, we had lunch in Mr. Choi's Kitchen to celebrate my brother's 11th birthday, it's actually an early celebration -- he'll turn 11 tomorrow. I can't believe how fast time is, it seems like yesterday he only played with legos and never argued about anything. I am happy with how he is now -- he's a very intelligent boy and has self-discipline, he's also very understanding though sometimes I'm a hardheaded sister. I'm certain that I love my brother so so much. 

Lastly, this post has a special place in my heart because it was my Mom who took the shots-- she's also the one who directed haha.  

Jacket: Bench
Tank top: Forever 21
Pants: Bench
Flats: Crocs
Necklace: Love Diva

P.S. I adore Bench now, finally, Philippine rtw brands are now stepping it up to the next level 

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