Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Touchdown(ed) Singapore

Last last Thursday night, my lola and I flew to Singapore to visit my aunt and of course have fun hehe. The plane ride was really quick, it was just like getting caught in traffic on your way to Quezon City from Manila. I've had the pleasure of sitting by the window pane, so basically I spent more time observing the night sky and falling in love with the city lights than sleeping.

After 3 and a half hours, I found myself in Changi airport and it was really impressive, also there were really cool, I mean sossy shops inside. Two hours have passed since we landed and we haven't seen Tita Gak, my lola was getting really really hungry and I was getting really sleepy. Out of boredom, I started to roam around the waiting area and I quickly headed to the payphones as soon as I saw it. I called my tita and thank God she answered!! She didn't know we'd arrive that day, she thought it would be on Saturday so really thank God! She then arrived after a few minutes and we were just so relieved.

The next morning, we woke up around 10 and prepared for the city tour. There's no such thing as 'far' when you're in  another country, especially when you're in Singapore. Every single place is connected by the mrt and you really can see the whole Singapore by riding it. I have experienced jetlag so much though, the place was very much different from Philippines. They do 'Keep Left' instead of 'Keep Right', their cars are right-hand drive, you stay on the left side of the escalator when you're not in a rush so others can go running on the right side and the thing I liked best is time passes so fast because you have so much to do, so much to explore. I don't know if it's just me but I'm highly motivated by Singapore's environment, I could exercise or jog without thinking I badly need it.

Me in Simei station

Me and my lola

A door before the mrt, talk about safety

Very pretty tractor(?)
We got off the City Hall station and after a few walks, a mall connected to the station surprised me, no need to worry about heat haha. Outside the mall was the postcard-worthy Esplanade, the Durian-shaped theater.

Esplanade in the background
Just across the bridge, you'll see the ever famous Merlion, also at the east of the bridge are towering buildings and the first ever hotel in Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel. It's a five-star luxury hotel where most celebrities stay when in the country

Building abundance and The Fullerton Hotel at the bottom right
The iconic Merlion

Me and Tita Gak posing nyahaha

The ice cream you must try when in Singapore, durian ice cream!! I've never liked durian but this one was tolerable for me so I guess it tastes like heaven for a normal nababahuan-sa-durian-pero-sobrang-nasarapan person
We had lunch in Thai Express after I took pictures of the postcard-worthy structures in SG. Their milk tea was different, I would say it's one of the best I had, it tastes so real, you know what I mean hehe. The pad thai made me fall in love though, it's the highlight of my entire meals in Singapore, I wish we had that in Philippines too. On the other hand, I cried because of this chili-filled ground pork meal. I thought I was so hardcore eating the chilis in Bicol Express but no huhu. Lastly, the crispy crab is a must-try, it was the first time I enjoyed eating crabs cos you eat the shell too, not hassle diba!!

Tita Gak and Lola Elma <3 td="">

Grad pic HAHA


Pad thai <33333 td="">


Ze crispy crab!

We continued the city tour right after lunch and it was a series of long walks again haha. The view is a reward itself so you don't really feel like stopping, I mean your feet will hurt but you won't quit because everything is just sublime naks. We passed by the floating stadium, f1 race track, and the neaaaatttt helix bridge on our way to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

THE BANKS with a ferry haha

~Photojourn~ the colorful seats by the floating platform

Hehe so sweet, Science Museum at the background

Marina Bay Sand hola!!

The other colorful seats and a mataray ferris wheel

The helix bridge!! Mr. Divina will be so proud

Esplanade again hihi

Happiness everywhere

Goofing around with tita haha

Batman overdosed on eggplant

Yes LV din haha

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands looks so much like an indoor Bonifacio High Street, just replace the stores with high-end brands

Tita pointing her dear office, DBS

Chanel lego-inspired bag aaahhh!! I squealed when I saw this, it's too perfect for my life!! Also, Miroslava Duma has the green one, such a good choice huhu

Wouldn't it be a nice thing to have boats inside your mall?
Hi mommy hehe

After moments of realizing that The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is not my kind of mall (huhu), we headed to Orchard!! The shopping capital of Singapore!!!!!!!!!!! I would compare this to Ayala, just make it bongga-er and change the buildings into high-end brands whose total stuffs on sale are probably the same price as the building in Makati haha joke. Prada on your right, LV on your left; Miu Miu on your right, Tory Burch on your left; Burberry on your right, Chanel on your left. Not the exact places but yeah :p Abercrombie may not be as high-end as Chanel but I bet tons of people are dying to get inside because of the topless salesmen HAHHAA


Lola with her terno sa damit dragon fruit shake haha


H&M woop!! Their clothes were 'rare' and it was all so modern yet it had a touch of classiness. I don't know if it's just because of the current collection or what but I still choose Zara over it. The prices were very reasonable though so I think if we had that in Philippines, I'd buy a lot of clothes there.

Mirror pic huzzah

Aaaaaahhhh I look so tall!!!!

My first day in Singapore was definitely something, it made me realize the importance of being efficient and making things easier as much as you can. Having a healthy environment and following rules is vital in producing a successful nation. 

I am so thankful of Tita Gak for having me visit her and for WOW-ing us from the first day up to the last, I definitely felt the love :)

Top: Zara
Skirt: Cotton On 
Belt: my brother's
Bag: Tita's (Dorothy Perkins)
Flats: Zara
Watch: Citizen

Btw, #throwbacktuesday HAHA

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