Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy happy birthday Tita!

 Happy happy birthday to you my dearest tita! Thank you so much for taking me to the movies, for taking me to places and for always being there for me. :) May you always remember that your family loves you and that it is as equally heart-warming and important as being loved by a lover hehe. May you realize the purpose of going through problems and see the bigger picture of what's ahead of you. Never forget that we are always with you and we will always be :) We are all so proud of you and we love you so so much.

Thank you for taking me to Legoland, you are like a lego that without you the family can never be complete. Thank you for taking me to Universal Studios, keep your fun and adventurous side because it makes you younger hehe. Thank you for taking me to the S.E.A. Aquarium, no matter what happens, just keep swimming :D Thank you for taking me shopping, always be a cheerful giver but never forget to treat yourself as well from time to time. Thank you for taking me to the movies, as a movie ends and people leave, don't worry, there will always be the next movie and who knows, it might be better than the previous or maybe the best you'll ever see. :)

Smiling can do so much more, it may be a simple curving of the lips but it can affect your mood greatly. Think of your family, the people who love you, the places you've seen, your accomplishments, the lessons you've learned and just think of yourself-- You are blessed and a blessing to others :) Whenever you feel lonely, just pray because that's a very powerful thing. :)

The good thing about endings is that you can start a beautiful beginning... with Him

I love you so much Tita Gak, so so much! You are beautiful :) Happy birthday! <3 p="">

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