Friday, May 25, 2012

See How Far My Lens Can Go


I'm loving this big fur

Crappy photo but still, this model made me WHOAH

Totally unpredictable

Heaven on earth moment right there

I want thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Albert Andrada


One of my favorites in his collection

Looks worth a million dollars

Bandoix Flores


Absolutely digging this

Butz Fuentes

Butz Fuentes with a model wearing his sensational work
My most beloved on the show


Lady Gaga should think of consulting Ezra haha

Perfect, perfect design, perfect draping, perfect alignment of sequins, perfect headdress, perfect fabric, perfect Ezra


All about details

Ate Danica praying for a justifying walk
Danica Magpantay- Ford Supermodel of the World

Nothing beats a guy wearing lace

Eye fest

Eye fest 2

I love how this conveys a broken-hearted bride leaving the church

But I'm really obsessed with this!

EZRA WOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pearl appliques are stunning!

Phantom of the Opera in the houseeeeee

This model fell twice in the runway, I wouldn't blame her though, the thought of putting on  Gaga heels makes me shiver already

The one that captures the most attention is the one that's not focused

I love glitters, I adore this!
Sitting with fashion-forward people is such a happy feeling, but witnessing a parade of pieces you might never see again is another thing. Philippine Fashion Week was beautiful, it was so so beautiful that every time a model struts with a work of art, you just want to cry, thinking how you survived all these years without having an e-invite scanned. When the music started to play, my heart beat faster, it was the kind of heartbeat you get when you're angry except that you're excited not angry haha.

Albert Andrada is truly gifted, white never seemed so high fashion until his collection was shown, also he maximized the opportunity to blow the audience's heads away, hairstyle was alluring, headdresses were fascinating, the ensembles gave me goosebumps and the runway was very very very very very very creative.

Bandoix Flores, for me, likes to keep things simple, his works are wearable anywhere and anytime, at the same time, fashionable. It's hard to go after a jaw-dropping collection, and I'm not saying he's less talented, it's just that I'm an Alexander Mcqueen or John Galliano person. Nevertheless, his work is great, it's suited for everyone.

Butz Fuentes however was just okay at the beginning but when the guy wearing a dress started to walk, his collection started to be on heat and the following pieces met the fiery-ness of the ensemble that started it all. I also admire how some of the gowns/dresses looked like Filipinianas with a twist, the carved idon'tknowwhattocallit was so amazing, I've never seen one like it before and it was definitely a standout!

Ezra Santos OHMYGAWSH I don't know what to say, I think everybody expected that Ezra would give them a memorable once in a lifetime runway viewing experience. When his name was flashed on screen, everybody started to clap and yell and well me, I readied myself for what I'm about to see. His opening piece was fbdsfhifofndfewewfhfdvnfaiewowenfa, totally brought my eyes to heaven. His collection was mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, goosebumps-giving, and each of the pieces made me feel butterflies in my stomach. It was the kind of beautiful that gives you the creeps, truth be told but I occasionally checked my seat if I peed or not during Ezra's runway haha and I kept on asking of myself "How did he even think of that?" Ezra's just so amazing, it wouldn't be a surprise if he'll be as or more famous than Alexander McQueen. I know this isn't really appropriate to say but somehow, Ezra was promising, considering we're from the same school, Slim's, I think I'm gonna have a bright future just like him. :) Ezra had the most ensembles to showcase and it's like Thank God! I didn't want his runway to end hehe and also if I could talk each of the pieces, I definitely would :D

Lastly, Kermit Teroso, if you look at the designs, you might think it's not in great transition but when the models started to do their thing, the pieces have this some kind of connection, it was like unity in diversity hehe. His collection was both trendy and classic, pearls and sequins appliques and sheers are on trend while black will always be classic. It was absolutely good, very well-made but I won't lie, I'm still hooked to Ezra's collection during Kermit's showcase, oh well I'm hooked to Ezra's until now haha. What made me WHOAH though was when Kermit showed up, he was like 19 or 21, another reason for me to say "There's a bright future waiting for me." Haha. Unfortunately, he didn't walk around the runway, he showed up for like 10 seconds, and I didn't get a picture of him :(

P.S. Those are not all the pictures, I will post a link later or tomorrow of all my photos during the fashion week :)

WOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my head's still in the clouds because of what happened last night. Philippine Fashion Week is the best!!!!


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