Monday, May 28, 2012

Oh well, we almost had a romantic ending!

Yehey!! I swear there's really some kind of elongation happening in my legs hahah

Achievement! :D
My brother, Benedict aka Steven Meisel

If I'm not mistaken, this is my first look post on a weekday, I hope I'll be able to blog daily now hehe. Anyway about this look, it was scorching as I was leaving for school hence the tank top + shorts outfit. Hours after I reached the school, it rained so hard which is awesome and so relaxing haha. Today's school was repeated events of blind stitch-sew-rip, and the easing in the sleeves almost made me crazy, it was so hard and my teachers are like "Push it, iiwas mo sa needle. Madali lang yan." Well I accomplished it but I gotta say, I salute all tailors especially tailors who make filipinianas or any outfit with easing in the sleeves. Despite all that frustration earlier, I'm happy that all the tough stitches are done and I'll have my fitting tomorrow! :D

Tomorrow's a special day! Ezra Santos will be visiting Slim's, I think he's gonna do a talk with all of us. I really really really reeeeaaaalllyyy pray that I get a picture with him. :D

Tank top: Zara
Shorts: self-ripped brand: Lee
Wedge: Charles & Keith
Bag: Promod
Necklace: Papemelroti