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Yesterday I got the chance to meet two of the designers that I admire the most, truth be told that before I was into foreign designers but after the Philippine Fashion Week, I discovered that Filipinos can match up with the other foreign designers. In the Premiere B collection, they were my favorites and it shocked me that Albert Andrada was from Slim's, well I'm fully aware that Ezra Santos was from Slim's but Albert, it was just WOW. They're my favorites and they're both from Slim's, how cool is that? :D

l-r Albert Andrada, me and Ezra Santos

Their visit in Slim's was really a blessing, they shared us their experience in the fashion industry, the pros and cons and emphasized that being a fashion designer is NOT a bed of roses. I actually learned a lot from them, my idea about the fashion industry changed after they talked, before I thought it was just draw and then you get payed, draw and then people will love you but they insisted that it's not like that, you have to love what you're doing, do your best and you're gonna have rough times. 

Instead of writing everything that they said, I'm just gonna share the things that marked in my head and that forever changed my perspective in being a fashion designer. 

Albert Andrada said:
  • Of course we have secret traits but share what you can share 'cause everybody starts at the bottom.
  • Make it a point to make your client your best friend because it feels good that sometimes they visit your shop just to say "Albert, my husband is dating another girl." It feels good to know that they trust you. 
  • If your client is not nice, be nicer.
  • Before, fashion designing is all about glam glam glam but now you have to know how to execute it because the best mananahis, liliperas and cutters are out. 
  • If you become successful, don't leave your country. 
  • If you want to be a fashion designer because you think you're gonna have lots of clothes, you're wrong! You're the one that's not gonna have clothes. (This made me laugh so hard haha)
  • Being a fashion designer is not a bed of roses, and I'm not scaring you, but this is the truth. 
  • I can now make pieces that has a fabric of  P15,000 per yard.
  • I am a designer of the palace now (UAE) and it's a blessing that God put me in that place cos I'm blessing other people as well. 
  • You won't understand the feeling of dressing the grandma, the mother and the apo until you experience it. 
  • I want all these faces that I see to be a successful fashion designer someday. 
  • If only my teacher was here, I would hug her and thank her for being the person I am today. 
  • Your loved-ones are your inspiration. 
  • Someday you're gonna be proud of Slim's and Slim's gonna be proud of you. 
  • Nothing is better than Slim's because, well you say it (laughs), look at the designers Slim's has produced. 
Ezra Santos said:
  • If you really like a certain design, don't copy it, use the silhouette but alter everything and make it 10x better 'cos I don't believe in copycats.
  • You have to make a name, like if someone sees this gown, they're gonna say "Ah I know this is an Ezra creation."
  • When I really like a certain design, for example, Alexander Mcqueen's, I use the silhouette then I make 20 sketches, I change the neckline, the sleeves, the structure. (My jaw dropped with this statement, 20 sketches?! :O)
  • I have assistant fashion designers and they help me when it comes to clients but  when it's the collection, the one that I'm gonna show on the runway, I make sure it's all my designs.
  • By the grace of God I made it through. 
  • I would like to dress Angelina Jolie cos she's very pretty and for the local uhhhhm uhmmmmmmmm uhmmmmmm who do I want to dress? uhmmmmm uhmmmm I can't choose uhmmmm uhmmmmm maybe Georgina Wilson (I swear it was a long thinking process haha)
  • Ezra is known for drapery, clean cuts, and strong structure. 
  • You have to unwind, spend time with yourself so you can get ideas.
  • At times that I feel drained, like when my creativity side is just empty, I unwind, watch movies, go out with friends. 
  • God has kept me strong. 
  • To be a successful designer, you have to be original. 
  • I'm Ezra Santos and I'm an alumni of Slim's.
  • Rtw is my next project, I'm thinking about it (Made me happy wieeee haha)
  • My beadworkers are Indians because the way they do the beadworks is different, very intricate.
  • When the Arabs ask "Who is the designer?" and the person says "It's a Filipino designer.", the Arabs are hats off because they know that Filipinos are talented and hard-working. 
  • There are ideas that you simply cannot sketch, it's just on your head so what I do is I play with the mannequin. 
  • Experimenting is important.
That's pretty much what they said, it all helped me and gave me an idea of how I'm gonna be in the future. Yes it changed my perspective but nevertheless, I still want to pursue being a fashion designer. I was smiling the whole time they were talking, it's just magical, last Thursday they were blowing my mind away and now face to face, I saw them! 

I left Slim's like 5:50 because I was waiting for them to come down, it was my fault 'cause I left right away after the talk and I didn't know it's okay to take pictures that's why I waited after the dismissal haha. The wait was worth it, really really worth it, it felt so so good. :)

Albert Andrada won best designer on the pfw holiday 2012 and Ezra Santos is the first Filipino to put a couture shop. I salute you Albert and Ezra! 

On the other hand, since Michael Cinco is here in the Philippines, I pray he visits Slim's too. 

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