Monday, May 21, 2012

Roadtrip season 1 episode 1

This stone house gives me the Spanish era vibes
Angels will always blow horns to make you go back to God when you're slowly slipping away from him

"Itumblr mo na yan chong" photo

I spy a slouching elephant with puppy-eyes (the black thingy is bothering you? It bothers me too)

It was the softest thing that ever lingered on my fingers, I wish I had wings so I can lie in that bunk and be a dreamer

Paete specializes in carvings

Really really phenomenal carving of a beautiful woman

Open our eyes to see the things that make your heart cry

My little sister is close to the holy family!

Don't cheat, don't lie, to your girlfriend or wife or you will see lamenting eyes

Overlook the gray skies

It's been long since I've done this 'cause I know that faces this pretty shouldn't be covered

I love my siblings!

I love love my mom and dad!
I made fun of my post title, it's so much fun! HAHAHHAHA Back to the post, those photos were taken when we were on our way to Caliraya; Spanish era structures in Siniloan, clouds seen everywhere, carvings displayed in Paete, and family pictures in the resto near Caliraya.

The trip to Caliraya was both tiring and interesting. I couldn't remember anything before Siniloan, in Siniloan the streets were very narrow, the roads were bumpy, had lots of tricycles and construction going, but if we didn't fight through that tiny-street-ed town we wouldn't have seen the timeless stone structures. When we reached the highway, I'd have to say, it was such a relief, like a crowbar was removed from my chest haha. After Siniloan, I couldn't remember anything again, I think I fell asleep, who wouldn't be tempted to nap in a very smooth drive right? Haha. Next thing I remember was Dad saying "Ayun!" and when I looked through the window, I saw a building with numerous carvings of saints, animals, houses etc. Mom jumped in happiness 'cause she told us it was her dream to see Paete's carvings or just even pass by it. The next events went like "Wow" "Ang galing" "Maganda to?" "Ate Bianca, picturean mo ako." "Bilhin natin to?" Mom wanted something so bad from the store, it was a carving of a mom with two daughters, she said it would be us-her, Beatrice and I, also the person in charge of the store agreed on the price that Mom wanted but sadly there was no space in the trunk. Mom felt sad about it, I did too. And finally we're in this shack that serves glorious fried chicken and we took pictures of us and that's where Roadtrip season 1 episode 1 ends. HAHHAHHA

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