Friday, June 1, 2012


Naks pout

I'm Frida Gustavsson! HAHA :D

Living young and wild and free

I don't know how my legs did it

Thriving flowers inside my chest


I really wanted to try this outfit, black jeans + boots but summer made it hard for me. Yesterday rained so hard and I guess it affected today's weather, not too hot and not too cold so yeay a chance for me to wear this! Also I felt so confident today doing those pouts hahaha, as what Danica Magpantay said "Think of what you want to project, if you want to be cute, think that you're cute and it will come out on the pictures."

I don't have things to rejoice about this week, hey two days to go and it's school already, what's worse is, according to rumors, it's the toughest level in highschool, being a junior. Most of my schoolmates and classmates had advanced lessons in Chemistry, Physics, Trigonometry, and Advanced Algebra and well me I learned to sew haha. I pray I can handle the stress, what I'm excited about junior year though is we have foreign language! I hope we have Mandarin for our section :D

Shirt: Diesel
Pants: Zara
Boots: Zara
Bag: Charles & Keith

P.S. My shirt's wicked eh? :D 


  1. perfect top!


  2. Your outfit is so appropriate with all the zombie madness! And maaaaan I'm so not ready for junior year too ugh imagine having Callado as your classmate 2 times in a row :( Good luck to the both of us!!