Saturday, June 30, 2012

Piaoliang ha Xian Xian

In connection to my birthweek post, I had 3 celebrations that week. 1.) with my family 2.) with my sophomore classmates which I will blog about soon and 3.) with my best best best friend, Diana! 

Last last Saturday, we planned to go to Quiapo to have her stuff fixed and we also visited Noriter, I've always wanted to go there. She told me lots of good things about it and it's true! It was a cafe of expression. Noriter was filled with nowhere to be found goodies that made me faill in love, they also have quaint elevated wooden areas, we were lucky to have such space but we really wanted to stay on the tree-house like areas which were occupied by college students, the floor was filled with writings, and cups painted by the customers were on display. I didn't have much photos because we were so famished hence we ate our burgers from Zark's and drank the frappes right away. 

As I've said, Noriter is a place of expression, even the craziest of expressions so even though we have a couple a feet and a half away from us, we still made funny faces comfortably haha

Frida Gustavsson and Frida Kahlo hahahhaa

Diana is in love with bacon

New horror movie characters?


Ahhhh pretty pretty hahaha

Allison Harvard and................................the first ever monitor

MATROCITY is mine!!!!!!!!!!


The cobra stole a kiss

Big eyes and structured faces- qualities of a memorable model

The bigger the funnier

I'm a hamster waiting to be adopted

Chinese rabbit ehehhehehe


Hmmmmmm that's an order Minion

Sea terrors 

This was one of the best days of my life, me and Diana not being dedicated to our 28-waistline dreams hahah. When I'm with her, I laugh the hardest and I can be myself. We talk about everything and some of my first times are when I'm with her, like riding the lrt or visiting Zark's and Noriter, my first "with real humans" museum visit was with her also haha, I discover lots of things with Diana. And I pray we'll be best friends until we're gray and knitting haha. These photos are from Diana btw!

P.S. Just so you know, my post title is the Mandarin of beautiful and slim ;;;) HAAHHAHAHAH

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