Saturday, June 23, 2012


Last Wednesday, June 20, I celebrated my 14th birthday and my height's quite justified now. Normally, gifts are given on the actual birthday but I had some early gifts. I forced my mom to go to Rockwell last Sunday since I really want to buy the printed pants in Zara and the studded loafers in Topshop. UNFORTUNATELY, the printed pants wasn't delivered to them yet because they had to get rid of the summer collection, while the loafers, Topshop had no stock, which is believable, the loafers was really really really amazing, so amazing that I want to cry. To lessen my sadness, I headed to Fully Booked and grabbed The Fault in our Stars, Royal & Langnickel watercolor and Cretacolor fineliner and we managed to buy a bag in Zara. We also checked the Rockwell Bazaar, we were lucky to have visited it on the last day, meaning, most of the products are on sale. 

Zara bag, I'v been mourning over my red nine west bag because the leather started to "peel" so I'm happy to have it replaced hehe

In the trend color, mint! :D Bought in Rockwell Bazaar

Gold bag by Erb & Chet, bought in Rockwell Bazaar

Collar necklace from the bazaar, fineliners and the watercolor

The Fault in our Stars!
 In the bazaar, we bought some clothes which will be a surprise hehe.

When Wednesday came, I woke up to the smell of garlic pasta with pork floss, breakfast was spent with my family singing happy birthday and Mommy handed me a plastic box with these inside

When I got to school, all my friends moved their mouths quietly which all seemed like "Happy birthday!" I uttered "Thank you" and smiled widely. It was a series of greetings even during the flag ceremony and when the morning activity was over, Gab gave me a box of cookies and red velvet, fyi, she baked it herself! I was like "Awwwww" deep inside haha. The cookies were the best cookies I've had, I promised myself to eat only one during our Filipino time so I could eat lots with my best friend, Diana but oh dang gurl my tummy kept asking for more. When I bumped into Diana, there were only two cookies left and the red velvet huhuhuhu it's so yummy kasi eh. Hey Gab, did you know I was about to get all magnum-y with your cookies and red velvet? :(( 

That day, everywhere I go, everybody who knew me greeted me, even my two-years-ago classmates and it was just overwhelming, I couldn't ask for more that day, everyone seemed to care. I didn't expect that it would get better until our Filipino teacher asked my classmates to give me a message, my heart almost fell, if I could, I would be saying awww until now. It was a memorable day. 

What I was telling to you earlier, I bumped into Diana and she handed me a suspicious paper bag, she had it during the flag ceremony and I had no clue that it was for me. I thought "Galing mo umarte ha." HAHHAHA.  I didn't follow the no peeking rule and as a consequence, I fainted haha joke, it was Lumpy inside!!!!! Lumpy was so cute! And she also wrote a letter! I felt the urge to chase Diana and hug her and boggle her!! Lumpy is my favorite Winnie the Pooh character, together with Eeyore, and aren't elephants the cutest creatures ever? <3

Cute cute
P.S. Hello to the people who promised me a gift, no deadline HAHAHHAHAHA

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