Sunday, June 24, 2012

"We left our minds at Mind Museum"

When the happy days of a student wasn't over, my best friends, Diana, Mary Jo and I decided to visit the Mind Museum. We were stoked to come because "public" school students have the lowest fee which is P150 (though it's highly appropriate to call us science school students). The Mind Museum is located at the heart of Taguig, at first, we were worried on how to get there because the taxi driver couldn't absorb what's on the google map but to our embarrassment, all we had to do was tell him that we're headed to the Mind Museum haha. 

The whole structure could make you faint and as you pay, you could feel that funny feeling of excitement. As we entered the building, the equipment that we first saw satisfied us and I squealed inside when a staff told us "The atom related stuffs are there, the brain is over there, the space is over there, we have a shade made of wheat, the technology stuffs are upstairs and we have a show later.."

Meet Aedi! This robot tells all the instructions and it's so cool, I want one myself! When Aedi was about to finish, we realized, Aedi is idea spelled backwards!

On the east, there's a wall with formulas and lol if I had that in my room, my brain is in pieces by now
Yes! They have this I-don't-know-what-to-call-ball-that-I-see-in-movies-and-that-I've-always-wanted-to-try. We stayed there for like 7-10 minutes hahaha
The silk shirt that I burned huhuhuhu
Pretty pretty

Pretty pretty 2

Pretty pretty 3? HAHAHA
Diana in a ball with writings that made my second year life crazy

*Evil laugh*

~~Feel fresh, cool and fresh, ohhhhh~~
Near the big brain was a table with random organisms like wheat, amethysts, ants, bees, flowers, etc and it has device that can zoom in the thing you place it to.
Lavender <3

If I'm not mistaken, this is the flower that you blow when you make wishes
This is why I don't believe in the Human Evolution theory, no oh oh, we don't look like this dating back to 1000 B.C. But you know if you want to find out "how you look like as a monkey" hahah
Woot woot

Wahhhhhh *pbb teen edition 4 waahh way*

Woot woot


Woot woot

Hide yo kids!! 

I want to break the glass and take the necklace hahaa joke
In the outer space part, everything was dark lol obviously and it had stars effect. I can't help but shake my dslr, click then praise myself for my pro light photos. :D Also, they have a show in the planetarium about how earth was formed, it was one of my favorite parts because we watched it while lying down on the most comfortable pillow and carpet evahhhh

Can I be a Nat Geo photographer now?

Diana and Mary Jo with Rocketman! -.-....with an astronaut eh

Inside the outer space area, they have this revolving outer space printed circle that makes you dizzy and feel hardcore. Just a fact, did you know that I wanted to tear the outer space fabric and turn it into a dress?? I'm still desperate for a galaxy printed dress huhu

We reminisced our childhood by digging artifacts in the room under the skeleton t-rex, not that we dug artifacts when we were still kids but I don't know about you, playing on the sand made me the happiest kid before.....and now

There was a time when Mary Jo and Diana got lost, and just like a corny ghost they said "Huy" with matching touching of the leg. They stayed here listening to the different sounds of nature

Two shows were scheduled that day, one on the planetarium and two, a 3D show of the History of Philippines or the world, I forgot hehe

And the star of the museum, the skeleton of a t-rex! It's just an exact replica of the real one and according to the staff, the real one is in a museum far from Manila

After all the "Wow" "Whoah" "Omg" on the first floor, we stepped on the escalator as happy as Dora while singing "Where are we going? To the technology level!", haha kidding, we didn't sing.

This is one of the models on the second floor, laboratory apparatuses. Mary Jo and I did a mini photoshoot when Diana was attached to the seats of the f1 racing video game.

....The scene after eating
Fighting its way out

Still fighting

Overall, the Mind Museum was wow! It indeed blew our minds, there was no boring part and every model made our mouths shape like an O. Everything was well coordinated and well presented, I see myself coming back with tons of money so I can buy the telescope on their souvenir shop hahaha.Without consulting Mary Jo and Diana, I can say that you have to visit The Mind Museum before you die. :)

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  1. Ahhhhh so jelly! So cute you guys look like you had a lot of fun hihi; now i definitely gotsta use my public school advantage he he he