Monday, July 23, 2012

Quite a Match; Rain Panache

Sorry sorry sorry for not posting yesterday, people have interrupted (not the annoying kind of interruption, it's the you-have-to-attend-to-it kind of interruptions). Also, I apologize for updating just now, I honestly have lots of stuffs to blog about but you know school, I'm succumbed to the homeworks, activities and all the lessons I have to study myself. 

To have these photos shot is a miracle considering Manila has been experiencing heavy rains since Friday, it was sad seeing some areas flooded and people stranded. Despite that, I still overlooked and focused on the good things- because of the isolation of people in their homes, I had quality time with my family, because of the cold breeze, I had oh so great naps + I had to wear pajamas all day! Also, I went to church with family yesterday and the message is making me thrive. We had the last installment of the series Let Us, which really enlightened my journey towards God.

For the past two years, I've been wondering why good things have to vanish, why people you love have to go, why relationships have to break and why do hearts tend to be cold and God answered me yesterday, "God shakes the earth so things that can be shaken shall be removed and things that can't be shaken shall remain." From time to time, we question such languishing experiences when all we had to do was trust on God and have faith on what's ahead, also to be grateful for the people who built you up and stayed.

Going back to the storm, I found this situation an opportunity to be set apart in terms of fashion. I knew everybody would be wearing jeans and boots and parkas and furry jackets and sweaters and knitwears and stockings in dark colors which is why I decided to be the light at the end of the tunnel or in my case, the neon in the midst of grey skies haha. My iridescent attire was like sending out good vibes to everybody haha. Btw, I don't know if "Rain charm"(oh look at me inventing words haha) makes sense (turned it to rain panache so it would rhyme haha)

Neon loose shirt: Zara
Denim trousers: Mango
Wedges: Charles&Keith
Statement necklace: Aldo
Teal teardrop necklace: Robinson's Dept. Store
Bag: Charles&Keith

P.S. My iphone case and my "rain panache" attire match! :D 

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