Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Pursuit

Manila has been stormy for the last two consecutive weekends and still, I'm not dressing up according to the weather haha. Yesterday, my mom and I checked overruns and gone antique-hunting. We checked a total of six places- Divisoria, Dapitan, Cubao Expo, Evangelista and SM Manila. Needless to say, we were both tireddddddd but I am not complaining --- we had the chance to bond, to exercise, and to just appreciate moments and things. 

The veggie meat in Divisoria is real good. I have no inkling that it wasn't a beef until mom revealed it. Yup she has this habit of keeping things to herself at first to avoid panic resistance, hehe. 

Dapitan is one of the places where mom never fails to smile because there's so much junky and mint treasures! She was so bowled over Blessings Unlimited bowl that we have to take it home. It was gooood -- her smile.

In Cubao Expo, we have tried the Spanish pasta and strawberry shake of Green Halo. Cool place to rest after scouring the stacks of antiques but without prejudice, my mom's Spanish pasta tastes better. You got to try it one of these days, hehe. 

The trip to Evangelista is quite fun and funny. We took the MRT which we're not used to so there's a number of haha moments from lining up for the card, running for the ride, and worry on wrong station going to Evangelista. After the sweat and laughter, we need to cool down with brownies and iced coffee in a very familiar place that is SM Manila. 

I have to say it was a day well-spent though I didn't attend Slim's to review for the periodic tests. Yes, I know, I wasn't able to review but I got something that made me genuinely happy --- it was a day only for my family!

Today, we went to church and my wandering heart was enlightened again. Christianity isn't about what's good or bad, it's about your relationship with God and the people surrounding you. It's about radiating God's  unconditional love and not about sucking the lives out of people. We're humans and not vampires -- we need to remember that unless you have fangs, hehe. It's about making people feel they're loved, secured, and worthy because God is always in the pursuit of you and me. And so here's my love for you!

Cardigan: La Tercera
Loose top: Zara
Distressed shorts: Overrun
Platforms: Payless Shoe Source

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