Monday, August 15, 2011

I need a hero

Of course no one would notice that I'm back 'cause no one's visiting my blog daily nor following me as I am following none here. HAHA. I kind of needed a break from blogging, no not really blogging but staying on the computer for so long since for the past months, school's giving me a hard time and I thought, getting a break from blogging would help and it did. Well yeah I couldn't stand not checking my facebook or anything but at least my hours on the computer lessened.

Exam week has just passed and this morning, we knew our scores, I admit it, some of my scores were really bad, I feel ashamed, tho I somehow got the same scores last year, like my score in Filipino would always be average even if I'm a Filipino haha or my score in English would always be high even if I don't study 'cause yeah English is just a subject of common sense or my score in Math would always be low 'cause I always knew that no matter what I do, I can't seem to be good at Math, I really envy my brothers 'cause they're good in Math, just earlier my brother told my mom that he got a perfect score in Math and at the back of my mind, I was thinking, 'How could you be that good? When I was your age, my scores were average and as I get older, my scores in Math get worse.' I am aware that my dad's good in Math, I saw his report card in my grandma's house and I was like 'Oh how I wish my grades were that high or at least close to Dad's grade.' And also, did God forbid that I could be good in Math, wasn't there any way before that my Dad's skills in numbers be transferred on me even just a bit? So yeah as I said, my scores last year were kinda similar to my score this quarter's test but I didn't expect that I would bring my dumbness until second year. I thought that somehow there would be a twist of fate, as silly as it may sound, I dream of having the highest score in Algebra, some people may not wish for that 'cause they always are on top but ughhhh can I be not creative at all and just be good in Math? HAHA. I remember my best friend, Diana, she told me that when people are good in Arts, they're not that good in Math and when people are interested in Math, they could find Art a boring subject, if that is so, I should be like Picasso now. :-)) Now I know that I should exert effort to somehow have an 'okay' score. I really really like to change, specifically on my study habits, that's why I promise to take time and study, I hope that this promise won't be like those promises that I have pronounced and ended up broken.

Because the past weeks were the submission of requirements, I have been busy making my projects therefore didn't have much time for sketching or painting but I kind of managed to paint when I was bored or when I didn't feel like accomplishing my tasks.

I name that one the Triple A haha as you can see, that's Adele, Abbey Lee and Anja Konstantinova. I sketched Adele first but hey there's still a lot of spaceeeee. There's no color more beautiful than pastel colors, pastels are simple yet they look divine. I don't know if that's just me but whotever.

This one, I already posted it on facebook but what is it to you??? Lols I sound so mean but yeah it's Abbey again! Abbey is one of my favorite models, she's gorgeous and she's so talented. I admire her style too, it's original.

It's senseless for me to name this post, 'I need a hero' I couldn't think of anything but since I watched Shrek 1 and 2 earlier, I just realized that Shrek 2 was the best!!!! It was full of adventure and it's silly. My favorite was the scene when Jennifer Saunders sang 'I need a hero', I want to steal her voice. It's so nice. I was dancing when the song reached the chorus hahaha. Here it is

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