Sunday, August 21, 2011


This is definitely not the first time I am gonna procrastinate, in fact, I procrastinate most of the time. I'm suppose to finish our report now and do our environmental scanning but my mom has always said, to never force yourself to do anything 'cause the outcome would turn out wrong or...ugly (which is kind of likely I think)

I want to post something today but this day has been woeful enough that I couldn't take pictures worthy of a blog post so now I decided to gather my favorite tumblr posts and share it to you.

a random cool collage, adorable photo of Angelina Jolie, burberry editorials?, daphne groeneveld collage, painting of abbey lee, random lady with pretty top, cute hanne, flawless photo of sasha, elle cover: fei fei sun was there, tentacles chandelier, pink hair!!!, frida and some model?, daphne-fierce daphne, anja konstantinova?

I just realized, they were mostly with pink, but they don't look like the 'girly' pink. I hate pink but whatever. 
All those photos are from my tumblr,

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