Monday, September 26, 2011

Diy and new shoes

I've been very busy for the past days, which is why I am able to update my blogspot just now. On October 7, it is our field demonstration and it's theme is retro so our outfits are very vibrant and bling bling. I asked my mom to buy me new flats, a colorful one but she was so nice that she bought me two :D

So it's a red flats and a pastel bink brogues. It's from Melissa. I'm really happy about it, and my aunt's gonna be here on October 6 which means more shopping and my dad's gonna be here on December which means more and more shopping!

Next is the diy, I've had this sweater since I was like 9 or 10. I got it from a thrift shop, and I don't like how it fits to me now so I decided to transform it, I made it into a shirt because it's so awesome, I can't afford to throw it away or give it :p



I'm wearing the shirt with a grey vest. I know I look horrible haha


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