Thursday, September 29, 2011

Too young for a real motorcycle

Okay so these photos that I'm about to post can be a bit boring 'cause it's me haha. My brother bought me this motorcycle sunglasses in their kids church, 'cause they get uhm toy money there and they use that to buy toys and books and others, I used to go to that church when I was 10-12 yrs old, truth be told, I haven't bought my brothers a single toy that time haha 'cause I always use the toy money on myself, I buy books with it. When my brother got me this, my mom was like 'I wish you could realize how thoughtful your brothers are, wish you could be like that.' And I was like okayy with a smirk.

Pouting Bianca. Pout bebe pout.

About to smile pose :L

See how I like blurry shots, flaws can't be seen that much haha lol kidding, what can I do? I looked good well maybe not good but I looked okay on these blurry photos. :p

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