Friday, August 19, 2011

Salamat Pagi

Today, we went to NCCA to visit the exhibit and watch an Indonesian woman dance. We were really glad and obliged to be there, our Mapeh teacher chose us out of all the sections he handles. I do hope we didn't disappoint him with how we acted in the activity.

Marconi girls were the first one to get to NCCA and we were waiting for the boys to come, as we were waiting, we roamed around the art gallery, the paintings were A-W-E-S-O-M-E BUT I'm pretty sure I can make something like those artworks. :p

There are still more paintings but I didn't manage to take photographs of all. They're mostly out of acrylic, root beer, wood glue, and spray paint. 

She's the Indonesian dancer, we call her Ba Umi, Ba is a word which here means 'Ate' or in English, 'older sister' and Umi is her name. She was really impressive and graceful.

This is definitely a day well spent and also, I think my friends in school and I are joining a Life group! 

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