Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cubao expo

Antique stuffs
The store I wanted to check out, unfortunately, it's closed :( Look at the clothes, they're detailed, so well-made! And btw, I admire the name of the store haha

Vinyl store
I just had to take picture of this, The Beatles ah!
Necessary photo of a customer haha
Fab boots by Stoic

Thrift house of antiques ahha
This cutie's name is Cutie :D It's a 1940s doll
Old bottles, some of it were from the times when Japan was colonizing

Passe' barbie
A priest's chest from way way back to 1930s
Remnants, the store next to the Thrift Store
Adorable newly groomed dog of the Remnants' owner
What a great heirloom
Milk can! 
Cassettes, youth days :D
Feet sculpture, the little foot is kinda freaky
Pretty granddaughter of the owner

Yesterday, my mom decided to go to Cubao expo so that our artistic side will be somehow nourished. I thought the whole thing was in a tent, full of interior designers/artists but the setting was the usual. Most of the stores were closed since yesterday was a holiday, there were some who had really nice stuffs, I kind of wished that I can break in then call the owner so she can attend to us haha. I wanted to see the clothes in K.A.R.M.A so bad, the designs inspired me. Though I didn't get to check every interesting store, we're still lucky, we went home with the old chest, the feet sculpture, the milk can, some bottles, a dress, and a shirt. I hope we can visit Cubao expo again. And btw, check it out, it feels like you're in a whimsical world :)


  1. I've always wanted to go there!! Southern lifestyle woes hahaha

  2. Let's go there some time! :D And you have ruins, I wanted to go there ever since you talked about it hahah