Sunday, April 22, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

Audrey Hepburn wall canvass

Chic small luggage

Fashion and arts book

Yesterday, my mom and siblings went out to buy groceries, I was left at home waiting for them and for tons of food. It was a surprise that when they got home, they have with them big boxes and heavy plastic bags. Mom told me to check those and I opened the box first, the small luggage inside made me squeak. When my little sister handed me the Audrey Hepburn canvass I was like "aghhhh!" 'cause I wanted a pop art canvass so bad which I saw weeks ago in the department store. Lastly are the books, it was so overwhelming! They're so weighty haha and with every page I turned my jaws dropped, it's just full of art, full of inspirations. 
Realization with that experience, you get lots of interesting things when you don't go with your Mom and siblings in the grocery haha but next time I'll come so that I might get clothes, I'm really in need of minimalist and detailed clothes for the look posts haha :D

Below are scans from the lightest book, Fashion illustration. I didn't risk scanning pages from the other books 'cause the scanner might broke, I know you're not suppose to put a lot of weight on it haha. So enjoy these pictures!


  1. You're so so lucky bff! I can imagine how happy you are with all those treasures! :D

  2. I am lucky because of my mom! Hehe. You are lucky too with that t-strap heels, sheer maxi, denim shirt and all your stunning clothes and the people who love you! :) <3