Saturday, January 28, 2012

Noon out

Last Saturday night, we had a sleepover at my house. I was with Diana and Mary Jo, I have to say, it was indeed fun! We spent most of the night laughing, we watched movies too. At first, we were so scared of One Missed Call but as we watch it, we were like "Corny nito, turn it off" 

Those photos were taken in Rockwell, we were suppose to go to Rockwell that Saturday night but Diana's Mom and my mom said that it's safer to go out the next morning. All we did in Rockwell was eat and eat, shop a bit and of course take photos. I didn't bring a tripod and the lens that were in my dslr that time was the zoomed in lens, so to take pictures for the three of us, we collected bricks on the tent. Everyone was looking at us, and the bricks that acted as the tripod haha. We would of taken more photos if the guard wasn't looking at us lol. 

I wish to have a sleepover again, hopefully with Pau! :)

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